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There's a lot you may want to change about your current living sitution: your roommates (aka parents), your wall colors, your lack of a parking spot. Show us what you'd be happy to leave behind once you get your own place. We could throw some money your way to make it happen! Want an example? WE'VE GOT PLENTY.
Finance your mortgage with the Iowa Finance Authority and you could get a downpayment grant for $2,500! You can put that money toward a space to display your toy collection, host midnight dance parties, or finally learn to play drums.
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So how do i get started?
Starting the home-buying process can seem completely overwhelming (on a good day). Lucky for you, we have a step-by-step plan to help you find your perfect home.
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Take a photo of yourself with the things you won't miss once you own your home. It could be your parents' demonic cat, your mom's jello salad or a parking spot wedged between two full-size trucks.
Share your photo here and use #OwnItIowa. You'll get another chance to win $2,500! You have until July 21 to show us what you hate most about not being a homeowner.
Begin your Iowa House Hunt!

The journey to homeownership takes PLANNING, RESEARCH and SOME HELP from trusted partners!

Prepare for the hunt for your perfect home with Iowa Finance Authority's eight-step process.

Gather Information.
  • Now's the time to check up on your credit score - generally you're in the clear if it's more than 640.
  • Figure out the monthly mortgage payment that fits your budget best.
  • Remember to factor in utilities and taxes when coming up with the amount that makes the most sense for you!
Dive Into Your Homebuying Journey.
Get all the information you need to jumpstart the homeownership process by taking a homebuyer education course. It will help you make informed decisions and answer common questions that come up during the home buying process.
Learn About IFA's Programs.

IFA provides a variety of programs to uniquely match your cost assistance needs. Check out the different benefits each service provides to find the best fit for your household.

Visit these links and watch these short videos to learn more about how these programs work to save you money.

Select A Trusted Partner.

In addition to the Iowa Finance Authority, members of the Iowa Association of REALTORS® and the Iowa Mortgage Association will help you with your house hunt.

Iowa Finance Authority Participating Partners are there to guide you through the home buying process from start to finish. These approved loan officers are experienced with the different requirements, options and benefits of IFA's loan programs.

Check Your Eligibility.
Finding the right program for you is easy when you use IFA's Eligibility Quick Check! This free tool quickly determines the most affordable mortgage financing and down payment assistance programs that IFA can offer you.
Find Your Perfect Match.
Figure out exactly what you're looking for in a new property by examining what truly matters to you. Consider personal "must-haves" which might include neighborhood amenities, accessibility, public transportation or access to particular schools.
Apply For Your Dream Home.

After signing a purchase agreement on the home you wish to purchase, you can apply for a loan! Count on your loan officer to gather the necessary information for processing. They'll review your credit report, assets, income and payment history to make sure you meet IFA's program requirements.

A home appraisal - paid for by the borrower - will also be performed. Finally, the underwriter at your lending institution will confirm that you qualify for the loan!

Close the Deal.
Sign all the required paperwork and you'll walk out with a shiny set of keys to your new home!